From your mat to your memoir

Yogic Writing connects your body and mind to reveal the stories that are yearning to be told.
Are you ready to write your story?

Our Body Remembers Everything

With a Yogic Writing practice, we access the body’s memory through physical postures (asanas), breath awareness (pranayama), meditation (dhyana), and self study (svadhyaya) to find the stories we are meant to tell.

Find the Path to Your Stories

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From Your Mat to Your Memoir

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Blog and Members’ Stories

We write our stories to connect with each other, to know that we are not alone. These are some of my writings and some shared by our members. Have a look.

  • Honoring our friend and teacher, Lisa Dahl
    I first met Lisa when I took a job as the Program Director at All That Matters Yoga Center in Wakefield, RI. When things came up that I didn’t understand or I needed help with, everyone on staff would typically say, “Ask Lisa.” I quickly found out that…
  • What’s on your nightstand?
    It’s been a while… lots of new things in my personal and writing life to tell you about, but today I’m just popping in to celebrate National Poetry Month before April turns into May!…

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