From Your Mat to Memoir Book Cover

From Your Mat to Your Memoir

Creating a yogic writing practice to find and write your life stories

Award winner of the 2021 Hay House Publishing contest.
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Yogic Writing is a practice that utilizes the philosophies and disciplines of yoga, meditation, and journaling for writers of all levels to break through resistance, uncover memories, and find story nuggets buried within.

This book offers a 21 day program of concrete practices including yoga poses to open areas of the body where trauma or memories may be stored, breath control exercises to stimulate and balance the brain, guided meditations and mantras to gain insight and inspiration, along with juicy writing prompts to tap into the subconscious, uncover memories and write deep, authentic life stories.

Inspired Living

Superpowers for Health, Love, and Business

In this powerful collaboration, authors step up to tell their stories of transforming pain into purpose and arriving fully into who they were meant to be—with superpowers that allowed them to heal and thrive and will allow you to do the same.

Rebecca shares her story in Chapter 21: The Power of Your Stories: A yogic path for writing to heal

That's Why We're Here

Stories From Passionate James Taylor Fans

Fans around the world reveal the many ways that James Taylor and his music have touched his listeners. From seeking solace and healing through songs dealing with death and grief, to riding the waves of illness and recovery, to experiencing the sheer joy of seeing James in concert for the first time (or the sixtieth!) these stories are full of hope, love, friendship and connection.

How To Write It Funny

A Step-by-Step Guide for Bloggers and Others

Writing funny is no joke. While there is no easy formula to writing humor, there is an art to being funny, and more importantly, WRITING FUNNY. And that’s where author and humor blogger Amy Koko can help! Rebecca Gold and Amy Koko take you step by step though the process of creating a humorous piece of writing and shows you the tips and tricks to writing a funny blog post or book, including dialogue and character development. A must have guide for writers of all genres!

Till There Was You

An Adoption Expectancy Journal

This book is no longer in print. Rebecca is currently working on a revised edition to be released in 2023. 

A Wizard Called Woz

A biograhy of Steve Wozniak, founder of apple computer

This book for children grades 3-5 depicts the life of Steve Wozniak–prankster, math genius, computer wiz, founder of the Apple Computer Company, and millionaire–from his childhood in California’s Silicon Valley to his successful career with the Apple Computer and other endeavors he has undertaken since leaving the company he helped build.