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Find and Write Your Life Stories in just 15 minutes a day

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.
~ Maya Angelou

Your life is a story. Your story is your legacy.

Details will disappear before you know it. It’s time NOW to catch them on paper. One day, your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and others will ask.

Don’t wait another month, or year, or decade…

Capture your life stories in just 15 minutes a day and
leave your legacy.

Your Stories Matter. Don’t Leave Them Untold.

Meet Rebecca Gold

Meet Rebecca Gold

My name is Rebecca Gold and I am the founder of Yogic Writing™.

Yogic Writing is based upon the ancient philosophy of Pancha Kosha, meaning that we experience our world through 5 layers: body, breath, mind, intuition and spirit.

A Yogic Writing practice taps into these layers with movement, breathwork, meditation, and insightful writing prompts that gently break through resistance, reignite memory, and bring you to a place of connection and awareness.

From this place, you are ready to take the journey from your center to the page and write your life stories.

Meet Rebecca Gold

~ Daniella Iannotti
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Rebecca has a true gift for bringing out the muse, inspiring us, and providing a safe and welcoming space to write and share our stories.
~ Cindy Arrighi
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I had no idea how to utilize breathwork with writing.. what a gift! My stories are flowing from me now!
~ Jackie DeLuca
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I am shocked at how easy it was to write. I am not – well, WAS not a writer. This program has been amazing!

Writing your stories can be healing

Writing your stories can be healing

Writing your stories can be healing

The process of writing can be deeply therapeutic and help you make sense of the world and your part in it. But with time, details disappear. Your memory and your stories will fade. 

The practice of Yogic Writing can help reignite your memory and find the stories within that are yearning to be told.

Don’t wait another day, or year, or decade to leave your legacy. 

Are you ready to write your story?

Are you ready to write your story?

Here’s how it works:

Are you ready to write your story?

BONUS!  You’ll have 21 finished stories! Will this be the start of your memoir? Will you share them with your loved ones? Will you start a blog? 21 of YOUR stories!

BONUS! Rebecca joins the Facebook group LIVE to check in with you, answer any questions, and do a LIVE Yogic Writing practice with the group!

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be inspired and guided to write your life stories!

The fee for the program is $79, but I am offering a discounted price of $47 through the end of the year!

At the end of the 21 days, you will have 21 stories that chronicle a piece of your life today and explore your past in a deep authentic way.

Begin your legacy, write your stories.

Let me help you begin!

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