I’m not a “mindfulness or yoga person,” but the five minutes of deep breathing, visualization, or stretching that Rebecca included before the writing really helped to clear the worries that seem to gather as soon as we open our eyes these days.  I will always remember the grounding, healing, creative energy that Rebecca helped me wrangle from all of this, and for that I will always be grateful.

…Rebecca’s daily writing prompts were invigorating, as was each specific meditation or yoga pose before I picked up my pen. I’m a professional writer, so the last thing I wanted, really, was to do more writing. But I was intrigued.. and I’m so glad I took the leap!”

Rebecca has been an inspiration to me since the first yogic writing workshop I attended, and she continues to be my inspiration to this day. She always reinforces the belief within me that “I am a writer”. By complimenting my work in such an enthusiastic way, she reminds me that I have a talent for writing. I consider her a gifted writer, teacher and friend.”