This challenge inspired me to write!

Definitely the best thing to come out of the coronavirus era so far (for me, that is)! I really, really want to thank Rebecca for having this challenge and inspiring me to write. I enjoyed the whole thing, and I would definitely like to keep it up.”

Mark Dursin

My writing juices are flowing again!

barbara gee

Rebecca is a wonderful teacher! She is warm, welcoming, embracing, and encouraging of your creativity. She is non-judgmental.  I cannot say enough good things about the whole experience. I learned a lot, and my writing juices are flowing again.

Barbara Gee

Such grounding, healing, creative energy!

I’m not a “mindfulness or yoga person,” but the five minutes of deep breathing, visualization, or stretching that Rebecca included before the writing really helped to clear the worries that seem to gather as soon as we open our eyes these days.  I will always remember the grounding, healing, creative energy that Rebecca helped me wrangle from all of this, and for that I will always be grateful.

Bridget Lehane

Corona Chronicles changed me…

…Rebecca’s daily writing prompts were invigorating, as was each specific meditation or yoga pose before I picked up my pen. I’m a professional writer, so the last thing I wanted, really, was to do more writing. But I was intrigued.. and I’m so glad I took the leap!”

April Halprin Wayland

A great way to connect with others…

and work through the mix of grief and, ironically, joy that this whole quarantine experience brings. The prompts were always so thoughtful, and led me to new places.”

Chris Vallancourt

Rebecca inspires me and reminds me that I am a writer!

Rebecca has been an inspiration to me since the first yogic writing workshop I attended, and she continues to be my inspiration to this day. She always reinforces the belief within me that “I am a writer”. By complimenting my work in such an enthusiastic way, she reminds me that I have a talent for writing. I consider her a gifted writer, teacher and friend.”

Barbara Fetta Moniz

This program propelled my stories forward!

Rebecca is a talented and engaging instructor and leader. Combining yoga and meditation, along with writing, was a recipe for propelling my story forward.  I highly recommend this program!

Diane Mandeville

I gained confidence and new tools to help me write my memoir!

I had never thought of using breath work or even movement alongside writing at all, ever!  Now that I have learned how to incorporate the two I can’t even tell you how much nicer it is to sit at my desk and get going. Rebecca helped me do so much. I gained confidence. I gained new tools. I am ready to write my memoir now!

Cindy Arrighi

A phenomenal teacher and motivator!

Rebecca is a phenomenal teacher and motivator. She is honest, sincere and has an amazing spirit.

Vandi Triplett Montero

Connecting yoga and writing motivated both the writer and yogi in me!

Rebecca is a gifted person with so many resources to share; including her love of writing, yoga, and family.  She has motivated both the writer and the yogi in me.

Elizabeth Medlicott

Thank you, Rebecca, for directing us through this strange time…

…by giving it value and a voice through writing. I’m so happy to have these little essays to remind me of what I was thinking during this unique time. Writing is always possible…and then it becomes eternal.

Amy Goodman Wohl