From Your Mat to Your Memoir

6-Month Small Group Coaching Program

In this 6-month small group coaching program, you will learn how to use the FLOW ~ BREATHE  ~ BALANCE  yogic writing method to discover and write your life stories that are yearning to be told.

We meet one weekend a month for a yogic writing retreat (either in person or on zoom) where you don’t just talk about writing your stories, you actually do it!  At the end of the  6-month journey, you will have completed a first draft of your memoir or collection of life stories, and the tools and support to continue on your own.

From First Idea to First Draft in 6 months.

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Here’s how it works

Phase1: Flow 

Duration: 1 month

Opening Weekend Retreat: October 23-25, 2020

In Phase 1, you will create a sustainable writing practice and learn the tools to work through any resistance or blocks you might have. The group meets for an opening weekend retreat (either in person or zoom) which includes time for yoga, meditation, and lots of writing.  After the opening weekend,  you will get daily emails with writing prompts and 2 coaching calls to check on your progress. During this phase you will be generating content for your memoir and the words will begin to FLOW from your mind through your body to the page.


Phase 2: Breathe   

Duration: 4 months
Weekend Retreat Dates:   Dec 4-6, Jan 8-10, Feb 19-21, Mar 19-21

In Phase 2, you will breathe life into your book, whether it is a memoir or collection of life stories.  A theme will emerge, and your book will start to take shape. Together we create a working outline and a plan to complete one story or chapter each month. We meet one weekend each month where you have the opportunity to practice yogic writing with the group, have concentrated time to work on your stories, and meet individually with Rebecca for feedback on your work.  Coaching calls continue throughout Phase 2 to check in on your progress.


Phase 3: Balance

Duration: 1 month
Final retreat date:  Apr 23-25, 2021

During the final weekend yogic writing retreat, we will review your progress, revise your working outline as needed and create a plan to get to the finish line!

After the final retreat weekend, you have 30 days to submit your First Draft for a complete developmental review.

From First Idea to First Draft in 6 months.

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$1485 (pay in full) or 3 payments of $500

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