I showed up on the mat today.

I thought about breathing, but I couldn’t.

I closed my eyes, but they wouldn’t stay shut.

I didn’t do a downward dog or sun salutations, but I showed up.

I reached towards my toes with as little effort as possible.

I broke my “no phone on the mat” rule and checked my messages.

I played tug of war with my dog.

I didn’t do a warrior 1, 2, or 3, but I showed up.

I looked around the room and thought about my grocery list.

I didn’t bring awareness to my body or center myself, but I showed up.

I consistently show up for my kids. I show up for my friends, my husband, and my family members. I show up for strangers, social media accounts, appointments, animals, and plants.

I don’t always show up for ME. I don’t always appreciate my body or listen to what it needs. I don’t always feel my feelings, and sometimes I suppress them. I don’t always talk kindly to myself or give myself grace. I don’t always think I’m beautiful or worthy of love. I don’t always remember that I’ve been through some shit too, and that I need empathy just as much as anyone else.

I sat on my yoga mat for 30 minutes today and did nothing. It was messy and imperfect, and I didn’t judge myself for it. The important thing is that I showed up. 💜


Brittany Swain
Peaceful Dragon Fly Yoga
May 22, 2022