I know.

Today is nearly over; tomorrow you’ll have time to write.

When your job slows down, you’ll have time to write.

When the kids get out of school, you’ll have time to write.

Summer is too busy. No time to write.

After the holidays… 

When you retire…

You’ll have time to write when _______________________ (fill in the blank.)


I am not judging, believe me, I GET IT!

(nttw = no time to write)


But y’know what? I don’t think it’s a lack of time that’s stopping you (and me) from writing. I think it’s because of that obnoxious inner voice some call their inner critic, and I call my inner PITA.
(pita = pain in the ass)

That voice that tries to convince us that we’re not really a writer, that we have nothing worthwhile to say, that no one wants to read what we write, that our writing is lousy, etc. etc. etc.

You know the voice I’m talking about.

This is not something we were born with. No one is born thinking that they suck and are destined to be a failure.

So whose voice is it that’s trying to shut you up?  

Whoever it is, give her a name, then have a conversation with her. A big girl conversation. Because believe it or not, the intent of our inner critic is not to hurt us, but to protect us from being hurt when…


Someone, somewhere, will not like what you have to say.
Someone will accuse you of lying.
Someone will say your story and/or your writing is pitiful.
Someone will wish you just kept your mouth shut.  Which is exactly what your inner critic is trying to make you do. 

So instead of trying to ignore your inner critic/pita (spoiler alert: it won’t work) try befriending her, and tell her something like: “I know you’re trying to protect me, but I’m ok, I can handle it.”

And then take out that pen and paper and show her who’s boss!

Why not do this right now– pick up your pen and write:
          “What stops me from writing is…”

Hit reply and send it to me! I’ll add it to my list of “50 Ways to Procrastinate Writing” (if it’s not already there…) 


Love, Rebecca

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50 Ways to Procrastinate Writing

1.    I’m tired.
2.    My back hurts.
3.    My full-time job keeps me too busy.
4.    My volunteer job takes up too much time.
5.    When summer is here, I’ll have more time.
6.    When winter is here, I’ll have more time.
7.    I have to finish this Netflix series first.
8.    I keep getting interrupted by other people.
9.    It’s too noisy.
10.  It’s too quiet.
11.  My mind goes blank whenever I sit in front of the computer.
12.  I don’t know what to write about.
13.  I don’t have enough big blocks of time for writing.
14.  I don’t feel like writing.
15.  I have to check Facebook first.
16.  I have to go grocery shopping first.
17.  I can’t concentrate.
18.  My desk is messy.
19.  I need to do laundry first.
20.  When the kids are out of school, I’ll have more time.
21.  When the kids go back to school, I’ll have more time.
22.  Who am I to write about this?
23.  I kept meaning to do it but other things kept getting in the way.
24.  My grammar is bad.
25.  No one cares what I think.
26.  I’m too busy reading books about writing.
27.  I’m afraid that what I write won’t be any good.
28.  My writing will never get published anyway, so what does it matter?
29.  It’s my birthday.
30.  I need to research what I want to write about first.
31.  I’m too stressed.
32.  I have to clean the house.
33.  I have to clean the garage.
34.  All the good ideas have been taken.
35.  It’s too late to write.
36.  I’m not a morning person.
37.  I have plenty of time to write; I can do it later.
38.  I need more time to relax.
39.  I can’t write under pressure.
40.  I can’t write without a deadline.
41.  I haven’t been inspired yet.
42.  I’m depressed.
43.  I don’t have enough coffee.
44.  No one will understand me.
45.  It takes too long to learn how to write well.
46.  I don’t have anything to say.
47.  My chair is uncomfortable.
48.  I don’t want people to know what I’m really thinking.
49.  I like editing but I hate writing the first draft.
50.  I like writing a first draft but I don’t want to get started because I hate editing.