My amazing editor and I had a meeting today with one of the writers in my WRITE HERE WRITE NOW group. We talked for an hour about her intentions and goals for the next 3 months, the book project she is putting front and center, and how incredibly healing the writing process has been.

This woman joined Write Here Write Now 6 months ago not knowing what she wanted to write. She knew she had a book in her– but didn’t quite know what it was or how to begin. She had so many thoughts and ideas and stories to share. So, she spent the last 6 months in the group to explore… and write… and share… and heal.

And now she knows exactly the book she is being called to write!

She cried. I cried. We all cried.

We made space for the tears. AND, we also made a PLAN! 

We helped her organize her thoughts, talked through a few critical components and ideas on how to structure the book, and came up with a plan of action to get to the next step in writing her book. We gave her homework to complete before our next monthly coaching session.

And now, she’s off and running! 

After the next 3 months in the group, she will have a table of contents and 3 chapters written and edited. And she will no longer say:  I should write a book— but rather,  I AM WRITING A BOOK!” 

Another woman in our group is writing a romance novel.

Another is writing a poetry book.

Another started a blog during the last session and uses the group time to write and edit her blog posts.

Another has been writing her memoir. After these next 3 months, she will be ready to submit the entire FIRST DRAFT to my editor and I for a full content edit review!  

How exciting is that?!  

What about you. Friend?

Are you thinking about writing a book? Or a collection of stories?  Or even one story?

Do you need to take some time to explore your writing and see if you have a book inside of you? 

Do you need someone to keep you accountable to write it?

Do you need someone to read it and give you professional feedback on how to make it more impactful? 

This is all happening in WRITE HERE WRITE NOW! 

If you would like to be a part of this magic– let’s talk! 

We can make your writing dreams a reality! 


Want to know more about Write Here Write Now?
Here is the webpage. 

WRITE HERE WRITE NOW is a small group for women who want to write. 

It doesn’t matter WHAT you want to write. You simply want to write.

We meet once a week (live on Zoom) on Tuesdays from 5-6:30pm(EST) or Wednesdays from 1-2:30pm(EST).  You can come to whatever day works for you each week (or both, if you choose!)

Each session consists of 21 group meetings (LIVE– on zoom). 

There are 10 LIVE Writing Meetings each session.

There are 5 LIVE Editing Masterclasses per session.

There are 6 LIVE Story Share meetings per session. 

Private Coaching:

We meet 1:1 at the onset of the program, and again mid-way through. We talk about your specific writing intentions and define some targetable goals. I am also available during my monthly office hours (the first Tuesday and Thursday of every month) if you need additional coaching and support.