In Geena Davis’ new memoir, “Dying of Politeness,” she describes being raised in New England by a mother who was so polite, she almost allowed the driver of a car in which they were passengers to veer into incoming traffic because she didn’t want to criticize the man at the wheel–her 93 year old uncle!   

(Pardon my Greek, but, that’s kinda fucked up, wouldn’t you say?) 

As a native New Englander myself, I could totally relate to the crystal clear messages that in order to be a good girl, you basically have to keep your mouth shut. Be modest, be humble, don’t be a show off, and by all means, DON’T BRAG about anything you’ve done well!  Just do your work quietly and if someone tells you you’re doing a good job, blush like a true New Englander would, and thank them for the compliment. You heard me…compliment THEM for giving you a compliment! “Oh thank you, that was so nice of you to notice…you’re so sweet to say that… I couldn’t have done it without you…”  blah blah blah  

I don’t think this is unique to New Englanders–but I do think it’s a thing with women in general. But, why? We watch and hear men brag ALL THE TIME, whether on a basketball court or in business (even in New England!) Isn’t it time we join in, too, and celebrate ourselves and each other! Isn’t it time we unlearn that celebrating our own gifts somehow takes away from others? 

So, today I’m gonna channel the new and improved Geena Davis and practice the art of bragging to celebrate the amazing things in my professional life AND that of my clients. One of the things that I have been incredibly proud of in 2022 is my small group program “Write Here Write Now.”  This program has been transformational for dozens of women and I am so damn proud of the work they are doing, as well as the work I am doing to facilitate their work! I have witnessed women who came to me scared to write, afraid to share their story, thinking they had nothing important to say, or that their writing isn’t as good as the other writers in the group…  And then, after just 6 short months, these same women are finding their voices and allowing them to be heard! They are writing their stories; starting blogs; writing books! 

Read what some of my beloved WHWN members have to say about the group, and if you see yourself here, and want to join us, send me an email or book a call with me and let’s talk! I only take 8 women per group to preserve the safe space and tight, loving community and this is the ONLY time I will be offering this program in 2023.

If you want one of the few spots remaining, grab it now because this program fills up every time time I offer it. (I brag…)



Rebecca’s program has been life changing for me. Not only do I now wholeheartedly believe that I am a writer, but I am totally confident to push through fears and jump over hurdles to get the words out. Each week I have the rare opportunity to spend time with strong, powerful, beautiful writers who have inspired me with their stories and held space when it was my turn to share. A gut feeling and a leap of faith brought me to this new path on my journey, and now I’m starting a blog to share my stories!
~ Brittany Swain, Punta Gorda
Florida. blogger,   

jeannie spiroIt’s taken me time to feel ready to write my book and through my work with Rebecca Gold and her Write Here Write Now program, I now know I am a writer and thought leader.”
~ Jeannie Spiro, Business Coach & Strategist,

This was such a powerful writing program for me. I had no idea it would mean so much. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your insight and loving care that you provided throughout. Your comments made me teary eyed as this is the first time anyone has seen much of this and never in writing.
~ Diane Crosby, East Greenwich, RI

Catherine SipherI joined this group not yet fully believing in my ability to write my story. Now I actually believe I am a writer! I am thankful for your guidance and the editorial feedback every step of the way.
~ Catherine Sipher, Millis, MA

Signing up for Write Here Write Now is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. The support and guidance I’ve received from Rebecca, her guest editor and each member of the group has been transformative.  I cannot recommend Rebecca highly enough ~ she is warm, exuberant, intuitive, and gifted in the ways she leads a group of women. Because of the support I have received within this group, I am inspired to dive deeper and am moving forward into a book and audio project, something I would not be pursuing without Rebecca’s guidance and support. This group has become an important part of my life and something I look forward to each week.
~ Mely Ann Parker, Grover Beach, CA

Who would have thought I’d be a blogger! My journey of empowerment, accelerated growth, and becoming a writer wouldn’t have happened without Rebecca’s Write Here Write Now group program. If you even have a smidge of interest in joining Rebecca for a writing magic carpet ride, I say get on and hold tight.. it will be the ride of a lifetime! 
~ Patty Mancini, Wakefield, RI

I wrote a book! Rebecca has been one of my writing energizers.  She brilliantly creates a safe space for writing, sharing, and connection. It seriously felt like I was in her living room with some of the kindest women I have met, and we were all sitting together writing and sharing. Every week I had the perfect excuse to settle my busy mind and do what I love.. WRITE with other like minded women.
~ Alayne White, author, “Life Cycling: my spin on life’s moving parts”