Last night I read an entire book in 2 hours.  

Wolfpack, by Abby Wambach.

OK- truth be told- it’s a super small book (in size and number of pages–less than 100 with lots of empty spaces) and I probably could have breezed through it in 30 minutes. But it was one of those books that had me rereading snippets, going back and forth between chapters, letting the words sink in, reading a sentence here and there out loud to my husband, and thinking about the message— all night! 

And then this morning I was getting ready to send an email to tell you that I have a few spots open in my upcoming WRITE HERE WRITE NOW group– and I wrote this whole thing about the benefits of the program– like learning a new practice, having a dedicated writing time, access to an editor to review your work, etc. etc… 

But then I thought… all of that is great, yes, but the real magic of the program is exactly what Abby talks about in her book. 

“Life is not meant to be lived as a Lone Wolf. We all need a Pack.”

You’ve heard it before: “Writing is a lonely job.” 
Well, maybe that’s the old rule. Not one I subscribe to.

When we write in a pack, we amplify each other’s voices. We hold space for one another’s pain (and joy!) and honor our collective healing. We don’t compete with each other, we empower one another. We champion each other and celebrate the success of one writer as a success for all writers.  

Of course I don’t mean that every time we put pen to paper we need other women writing at the table next to us (though that truly is my idea of heaven!) But what I do know is that being a part of a writing group means that when I sit down to write alone in my space, I feel the love and support of my pack, giving me the courage to share my truest self with my words. And I know that when I meet with the group, whether it is the following day or month, they will be there to honor my work, witness my story, and inspire me to keep going. 

That is the essence of Write Here Write Now.  That is the magic of our pack.

If you are a writer wolf looking for a pack, let’s talk and see if this group might be a good fit. Click here for more details– or  here to set up a time to talk.